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        藍色右箭頭 Brief Introduction
        藍色右箭頭 Enterprise's credit standing
        藍色右箭頭 Outstanding Achievement




        President`s address
            Experienced vicissitudes, just like from glorious spring flowers to solid fruits in autumn ,Shenyang mining machinery(group)Co., Ltd(SMMC),with history of more than 80 years ,has
        become a large-scaled pillar enterprise in the heavy-duty machinery manufacturing industry of
        our country ,and ranked one of the 500 powerful state-owned enterprises in China, while It has become a representing contemporary scientific and technologic level of equipments manufacturing in china.
          with struggling in the past decades,SMMC took the responsibility of equipping china insisted on the managing guidelines of quality first client first ,and strived for the target of creating top-class equipment manufacturing enterprise.
          with great efforts of several general generations we incorporate extensive diversity and absorb numerous merits; build enterprise's cultural platform of solidarity striving for first class share the large-scale equipment manufacturing technology and complete sets experiences of important projects with domestic and foreign clients and make great efforts providing high quality products and services for clients.
          In the new century, with lofty ambition,SMMC would like to develop with the times make geeat progress and create magnificent future together with friends around the world.
           General Manager:
        Geng Hongchen  



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