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        Brief Introduction
        藍色右箭頭 Speech
        Enterprise's credit standing
        藍色右箭頭 Outstanding Achievement
        藍色右箭頭 Engineering
            SMMC is the model enterprise of technology progress in China’s machinery industry, the model enterprise of management progress in China’s machinery industry, and it was an machinery enterprise that was awarded for quality management, a national enterprise for expanding export electromechanical products. SK is one of the 500 largest state-owned enterprises and it is also one of the 100 largest machinery Industry in China.
          The belt conveyor that made by SMMC is awarded of famous brand in China’s machinery industry,famous brand in both Liaoning province and Shenyang City; the title of national new product and;awarded scientific progress by machinery industry, Liaoning province and Shenyang City.The stacker&reclaimer is awarded as the national new product, excellent new product in Liaoning province, and obtains first-reward as the scientific, progress in Shenyang City. Automobile combination Switch and backstop is awarded as national new product,famous brand product in Liaoning province. The loader obtains the title of famous brand product both in Liaoning province and Shenyang City. The magnetic separator is awarded as scientific progress product in China’s machinery industry,Liaoning province and Shenyang City.



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